What is the Best and Largest Marketplace for Digital Services in the World? It is Fiverr

The world witnessed a rave of inventions as part of the possibilities made available by the increase in the use of the internet and the World Wide Web. One of the inventions that made life easier and better was the creation of a sustainable marketplace for digital services. The world is digitalized with many businesses looking to power and run their business on a low budget that cannot finance salaries of full-time employees and workers in every area of need. The marketplace for digital services serves as a place where such business and even those with huge capital can outsource and give some tasks out to very qualified freelancers who are readily available to deliver topnotch jobs to their clients.

The Fiverr platform started and became a blessing for low-income professionals in poor countries to earn foreign exchange and move higher in their career while offering a relieve to businesses who can hire virtual assistant, graphic designers, website designer and development, programmers and any other professionals to help them with any tasks in a safe, trusted and secured platform. Fiverr is a digital marketplace for the buying and selling of digital services. It is not the only digital marketplace where people can hire freelancers but it Fiverr remained the best digital marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

What Is Fiverr and How Does it Work?

Fiverr digital marketplace is designed to help people looking for freelancers for various tasks get them easily. On Fiverr, people that want to offer digital services for money are known as sellers while people that hire freelancers to do digital services are known as buyers. Both need to register using their name and email details.

How to Sell on Fiverr?

Selling on Fiverr requires you to possess digital skills such as graphic designing and Fiverr logo design and branding, article writing and translation, programming and software development skills, video animation and editing, architectural designing and drawing and many more digital services. You then need to set up a gig (service) on Fiverr according to the digital skills you possess and want to offer to clients. You set up the gig, describe the service and work you do in details and attach a fee and maximum time to deliver the service. Fiverr allows for buyers to contact you on its platform to ask further questions about your service and also negotiate the price. Every order received has been paid for by the buyer with Fiverr holding the money as escrow while it is paid to the seller after the job has been completed. Note that Fiverr charges 20% as a fee on every order received by every seller.

How to Buy on Fiverr?

As a buyer on Fiverr, you only need to set up an account and a payment method with which to pay for digital services that you have found a suitable freelancer to do for you. Your payment is secured with Fiverr and you need not be afraid of being hacked through credit card details given to make a payment on Fiverr. Finding suitable freelancers on Fiverr is easy because you can browse through various categories such as Video and Animation, Writing and Translation, Graphics and Creative Design Programming and Tech, Music, and Audio, Digital Marketing, Business. These categories are being updated as more digital services are included. You can browse the category that relates to the digital service you need and pick a seller based on his previous reviews from other buyers he/she has worked for, his job description and overall rating and experience. Be sure that every cash paid for digital services on Fiverr is escrowed and will only be released to the seller after you are satisfied with the job. You will get a refund for badly done jobs.

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