Why Should a Graphic Designer do Freelancing?

Graphics design is the art of creating designs that are needed for artistic or business purposes. Graphics design is a very wide and broad field that involves logo design for small and big businesses, business card design, shirt, and textile design, customizing and print advert designs, social media post image designs and many more. Graphics are done an individual that is creative, imaginative and possesses good control and knowledge of the various tools and software needed to produce amazing and impressive graphics works. Graphics designers are needed at top firms and business ventures that customize clothes, textile factories, and sport clothing companies, agencies in the art niche, digital marketing firms and in most IT firms. The large and broad importance of graphics design offers high chances that graphic designers can always get employed and earn good salaries doing what he or she loves to do.

However, there is another opportunity that became popular in the last decade and it is called Freelancing. Freelancing is a part of online business where professionals in all fields work for various clients from different countries for an agreed payment per hour or per project. There are freelancing websites and platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, and Freelancer where professionals such as graphic designers can work from home and even anywhere to earn money. Freelancing is a popular option for many graphics designers for many reasons. Why should a graphic designer do freelancing?

This question opens up the reason why a graphic designer would love to freelance even with the many graphic design jobs available for grabs. Below are some of the reasons.

1.) Working Freedom

Many works on in the office and earn good pay as salary but they are never in control of their time and life. Working in an office from 9 am to 5 pm does not give enough freedom that people carve and desire. Graphic designer salary from any firm may be cool but the freedom to work at his or her own pace and time is not possible. Freelance graphics design jobs are selective and you can decide either to work or cancel the order. Freelancing also offers you the freedom to go on vacation at any time. You activate your vacation by just a click of a mouse and you can be off without any paperwork. 

2.) Exposure and Experience

There are many freelancers from poor countries of the world like Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, and many African countries who not have a good graphics designer salary. In fact many of these countries battle with severe unemployment which ensures that graphic design jobs are scarce and very hard to come by. Freelancing for graphics designers in these countries is not just a way to survive and live well earning good cash from freelance graphic design jobs but it gives them the opportunity to be exposed and get the experience that will be useful on their graphics design resume as a person that has successfully worked for global brands and clients.

3.) Earn Extra Income

If you have a debt you want to offset or a plan that needed huge cash to fund, then freelancing can just be your only solution. As a graphics designer, you may sign up on any of the top freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork without having to debate about Fiverr vs Upwork. You will be able to make some thousands of dollars as extra cash from your normal earnings at work. As a starter, Fiverr is better than Upwork because you don’t need to pay for connects that you need to bid for jobs unlike Upwork.

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